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Green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction have long become the development direction of the new era in all walks of life. Especially for packaging design and other industries, its green packaging design is more creative, and it is also regarded as the preferred element of creative packaging design by more consumer groups. Therefore, in the actual purchase and consumption process, product packaging design is very important.


Whether to choose green materials? Is it exquisite atmosphere, creativity and innovation? Does it meet the modern aesthetic needs? A series of difficult problems are an important part of consumers' choice of products, and they are also the first impression of products. Therefore, how to organically combine green environmental protection and creative packaging design is an important development direction in the field of modern creative packaging design, and it is also a signal of the times for consumers' aesthetic concepts.


As the representative brand of modern green creative packaging design, Jianfeng Creative Packaging has always been a leading domestic high-end brand packaging solution provider. Since its establishment, Boxside Creative Packaging has provided creative packaging design services for dozens of Fortune 500 customers and hundreds of high-end brands, and provided professional, professional, packaging design services for customers in consumer electronics, health, tobacco and alcohol, cosmetics, and food industries. Competitive packaging products, solutions and services fundamentally enhance brand value for customers. To create a best-selling product, choose the box side. As witnessed by 10,000+ companies, the cumulative sales of packaging boxes exceed 100 million.

The products and solutions provided by Jianfeng Creative Packaging are mainly through the R&D and promotion of green environmental protection materials, and on the basis of green environmental protection materials, it provides creative design, innovative research and development, integrated manufacturing, automated mass production, multi-regional operation and Prompt delivery and other professional services nearby. It is precisely because the box-side creative packaging fully integrates the concept of green environmental protection and creative packaging design, the works of the box-side creative packaging design have repeatedly won the German Red Dot Award, the iF Design Award, the American Mobis Advertising Award and other world-class industrial designs. Awards have become an emerging force in the field of packaging design.


Jianfeng Creative Packaging believes that a good creative packaging can speak for itself and can bring higher added value to the product. Therefore, since its establishment, Jianfeng Creative Packaging has continued to use creative packaging design to accelerate brand communication and enhance product sales, fully based on the "strategy-based, creativity-first" design concept, and combine traditional design techniques with modern production techniques and green The environmental protection concept is fully integrated, so that the product connotation and marketing are integrated, and the creative packaging design is more appealing and sales force. In the future, Jianfeng Creative Packaging will continue to devote itself to the research and development and promotion of green creative packaging design, and hopes to continue to carry forward the concept of green environmental protection through its own efforts, and truly form a normalized and long-term operating mechanism.

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