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Customized thickening and hardening, window packaging box, corrugated paper packaging box, folding carton

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Green, safe, cost-effective
  • Laser hollowing products ensure that the paper will not be yellow or black when cutting
  • Focus on the printing industry for more than 20 years, product quality is more assured
  • Professional designer, sample delivery faster
  • factory Outlet

Product Details

Place of Origin: Dongguan;

 Type of Supply: Customizable;

 Customized processing: Yes; 

Printed LOGO: Yes;

 Use: terminal packaging, Carton type, folding carton; 

paper weight: 250g;

 sm process: offset printing; 

Self weight: 25G; 

Daily production: 50000;

 Whether it is in stock: No; 

Paper (board) material: single copper; 

Error: 0.5; 

Size: 190*120*280MM;

 Inner diameter: 183*114*273mm;

 Outer diameter: 190*120*280MM.

Dongguan Jianfeng Colour Printing Co. , Ltd.

Contact Person: Ruiqiang Feng

Department: Business Department

Post: General Manager

Telephone: +86-135-3703-0092

Landline: +86-0769-13537030092

Company Address: 830 Jienan road, Humen, Guangdong, China


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